The Power of Community
A-LEADS IT Cambodia Co.,Ltd.
Who We Are

We are IT Cambodia team of A-LEADS which is an outsourcing company established in 2011. Our main role is offering a lot of values for clients by making the most of the power of community.

At present the number of employee is close to 100 and most of them are Cambodian. Their talented capabilities are the most essential part of the team, which has a huge potential to allow our vision come true.

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What we do

We create floor plans for real estate companies through our outsourcing model, providing high quality outcomes for a reasonable price. Our sophisticated skills and incredible team works are playing a great role in supporting Japanese companies. We also support a project to help the Cambodian children with an education program by donating 10 yen per one floor plan.

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#10 VTRUST Office Center 2FB
St109 Phnom Penh, Cambodia